2019 Memphis Challenge, Memphis Cook Convention Center
Presented by NIKE

Week 1 Playing Schedule
Officials Info
January 26 - 27, 2019: 10-14's,
February 2-3, 2019: 15-18's
July 13, 2018

Join us for Memphis Challenge 2019 to officiate!

Safe Sport Certification: Starting 2016-2017 season ALL USAV officials have to be certified through Safe Sport (90 min online course). Our regional office will check all officials registered for the event so please take the course here... You may learn more about Safe Sport Certification here...

All divisions, all age groups will be played at Memphis Cook Convention Center located at 255 N Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103. All courts will be located in NW, SW and E Halls.

We will make sure your time with us is as good as it gets. Please send all correspondence to director@memphisvolleyball.com or call 901-336-3217

How to Make a Reservation to Referee:
Please register on AES site once available.

Hotel Information:
Complimentary hotel rooms are offered to out of town officials. These rooms will be provided to referees who stay with another working referee in our room block. We only have a specific number of rooms available and they are on a first come, first serve basis. However, we should be able to accommodate just about everyone.

For all other out-of-town officials
1. All rooms must have 2 working officials in occupancy
2. All rooms are reserved ONLY for 2 nights, Friday and Saturday, with check out on Sunday morning.
3. If you wish to stay over on Sunday night, you will need to cover the one nights charge. 
4. All rooms will have 2 double or queen beds.
5. Officials will be assigned to a particular hotel based on when their reservation is received. Requests for a specific location cannot be guaranteed.
6. You can request your roommate on your reservation form or one will be assigned by the tournament director.
7. Any variance from the above will mean that you are not eligible for the comp room space.

Match Fees & Payment Arrangements:
Match fees are based on level of certification. All National and Jr. National officials will receive $35
for matches. All Regional officials will receive $30 for matches. All Provisional Officials will receive $25 for matches.
During the event, you will have a payment worksheet that must be filled out and authorized at the conclusion of each day’s play and then turned in before you depart and are paid. Payment worksheets MUST be turned in to receive payment.
Per Diem:
The per diem fees have been wrapped into match fees.
Parking fees:
The parking fees have been wrapped into match fees.
Referees Meeting:

Saturday: Play begins at 8:00 am, ends about 9:00 PM
Sunday: Play begins at 8:00 am, ends about 4:00 PM




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