2019 Memphis Challenge, Memphis Cook Convention Center
Presented by NIKE

Week 1 Playing Schedule
January 26 - 27, 2019: 10-14's,
February 2-3, 2019: 15-18's
September 2, 2018

Memphis Challenge hotels will be booked through Room Roster. (Type "Memphis" in text box below)

To support our Memphis Metro's goal of creating the best tournament experience for every team manager, coach and family, we have implemented new tournament management software to manage the following:
ALL traveling participants are encouraged to secure accommodations within this software so you can get the closet hotels and best rates!
Discounted rates at official tournament hotels have been pre-negotiated.
For those looking for a specific hotel that is not on our official list, the system will make available all remaining hotel inventory at current online rates.

• Lowest group rates over the event dates with rate integrity checks
• More hotels to choose from, more rooms and more price points
• Travel agents can book for you after contacting our Marketing Director.

The primary reason is to find a collective way to control the increase in various hotels rates that we had been seeing over the past few years and to make sure that we are blocking enough hotels rooms at reasonable rates for our participants. With this policy we have now had hotels come back to us and grant us larger room blocks at the lower group rate. This means that more people will be able to get into the "good" hotels at a reasonable rate. We also adopted this program so that we can prove hotel usage to the city, thus lowering the cost of the facilities used and keeping the entry fees more constant. It also allows us to secure space years out so that we know we can host the Memphis Challenge tournament at a consistent time of the year.

How do I know we are getting the best group rates:
Tournament staff will routinely run rate integrity checks on the event hotels for rooms over the event dates to make sure they are offering the lowest group rates to our participants. (This excludes employee, government, AAA and AARP rates) If you receive a WRITTEN confirmation of a lower rate than we have published at one of our event hotels, during the event dates, please forward that information to us and we will take care of making sure you receive the lower rate for the event blocked rooms.


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